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3 Day Certificate Course

We are hoping to run a course in October or early November. Should you be interested please send an email  

Chute Course 2021

This course has been postponed to 2022. Please watch the website for new date 

Members' Meeting dates 2021:

April 20
June 15
AGM August 17
October 12  

Design Diploma Course

2021 dates:
3-10 May and 4-11 October 
Introductory Course in Splicing

About this course

Introductory course on splicing of textile reinforced conveyor belting is aimed at educating supervisors and other overseers of the do’s and don’ts’ of best practice to achieve successful splices that will last! Splice failures are not only a safety issue but they cost industry millions in damage to the belt and structure, and of course, in downtime. Getting the splice right the first time is key. This three-day course presents the theory of belt splicing in a series of lectures interspersed with practical observation in the workshop, including inspection by cutting open the splice.

The results of incorrect splicing methods can be seen and compared to the correct methods. THIS COURSE DOES NOT TEACH SPLICING! It does teach the supervising engineer what to look for during the preparation and construction of the splice.

What you'll learn

• Current splicing situation
• Splice standards/Best practice/Procedures
• Understanding conveyors
• Rubber and its Properties
• Vulcanisation process and testing
• Splice theory – the WHY
• Hand tools and vulcanisation equipment
• Field splice preparation
• Actual splicing procedure – fabric bias splicing – the HOW
• Quality control management
• Troubleshooting featuring the top ten splicing mistakes

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Technical documents
Belt clamps -  DOWNLOAD
CMA Guideline – Safety around belt conveyors Rev04 -  DOWNLOAD
Generic geared reducers -  DOWNLOAD
Guide to SANS 1313 errors and corrections -  DOWNLOAD
Observation Guide -  DOWNLOAD
Pulley bearing support pedestals -  DOWNLOAD
Pulley repair guideline -  DOWNLOAD

Sole plates

Static shaft pulleys with internal bearings -  DOWNLOAD

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