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611 Achievers were found

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Full NameStudent NoDesign Diploma DistinctionDesign Diploma PassConveyor CertificateChute Design DistinctionChute Design PassBeltsman Certificate
11Adriaan van Zyl Adriaan Adriaan van Zyl Adriaan 121501--May 2012---
114Alec Bond Alec Bond 140301--March 2014---
509ALI MERCAN Hasan ALI MERCAN Hasan Turkey-----October 2012
612Amanda Mdletshe Amanda Mdletshe 200305--March 2020---
326Andre Van Der Merwe Andre Van Der Merwe 100910-September 2010----
387André Blignaut André Blignaut 130504-May 2013----
501ANNAK Erkan ANNAK Erkan Turkey-----October 2012
57 ANNAK Erkan ANNAK Erkan Group 1--October 2012---
557Anne Ludick Anne Ludick 190504--June 2019---
315Antonie Le Roux Antonie Le Roux 100907September 2010-----
514ASLANTÜRK Halil ASLANTÜRK Halil Turkey-----October 2012
504AYRANCI Zeki AYRANCI Zeki Turkey-----October 2012
375Bacela Mabandla Bacela Mabandla 121021-October 2012----
519Banda Banda Banda Banda 140407-----April 2014
221 Bezuidenhout Roelof Bezuidenhout Roelof 180401--April 2018---
443Bhavesh Baga Bhavesh Baga 151002October 2015-----
550Bill Gates Bill Gates 0011333February 2018November 2018---December 2017
402Bontle Aphani Bontle Aphani 131001-September 2013----
542Boshof Theodor Boshof Theodor 150702---September 2015--
89 Bossert Heinrich Bossert Heinrich 130405--April 2013---
296Botes Jan Botes Jan 91016October 2009-----
172 Botha Andre Botha Andre 160701--July 2016---
497Botha Jaco Botha Jaco 1205b06-----May 2012
115 Botha Pieter Botha Pieter 140302--March 2014---
548Bowker Miles Bowker Miles 161006---September 2016--
12Brandon Lok Brandon Brandon Lok Brandon 121502--May 2012---
490Bright Rwodzi Bright Rwodzi 180505-May 2018----
39 Brits Versuka Brits Versuka 1215c14--May 2012---
344Britz Stephan Britz Stephan 110905-September 2011----
398Brokenshire Nicola Brokenshire Nicola 131002-September 2013----
327Burger Jaco Burger Jaco 110404April 2011-----
393Burger Nealon Burger Nealon 131003September 2013-----
222 Burns Samantha Burns Samantha 180402--April 2018---
582C Burger C Burger 191006--October 2019---
80 ÇAKAR Ramazan ÇAKAR Ramazan Group 2--October 2012---
505 ÇAKIRBAY Ilyas ÇAKIRBAY Ilyas Turkey-----October 2012
188Chad Jacobs Chad Chad Jacobs Chad 160807--August 2016---
287Chaudhuri Subhajit Chaudhuri Subhajit 90714-July 2009----
223 Chauke Rhulani Chauke Rhulani 180403--April 2018---
184Cheerae Scott-Crossley Cheerae Cheerae Scott-Crossley Cheerae 160803--August 2016---
429Chelius Dieter Chelius Dieter 150502May 2015-----
399Chelopo Daniel Chelopo Daniel 131004-September 2013----
263Chown Raymond Chown Raymond 81002-October 2008----
611Chris Maas Chris Maas 200304--March 2020---
329Christie Billie Christie Billie 110416April 2011-----
213 Claasens Marco Claasens Marco 170901--September 2017---
190Clayton Clugumiru Clayton Clayton Clugumiru Clayton 160809--August 2016---
323Clinton Richardson Clinton Richardson 100902-September 2010----
73 ÇOBAN Erhan ÇOBAN Erhan Group 2--October 2012---
63 ÇOBAN Mustafa ÇOBAN Mustafa Group 1--October 2012---
513ÇOBAN Tamer ÇOBAN Tamer Turkey-----October 2012
14 Coerzer Cleo Coerzer Cleo 121504--May 2012---
450Coetzee Morné Coetzee Morné 160502May 2016-----
381Coetzer Pieter Coetzer Pieter 130515May 2013-----
214 Combrinck Michael Combrinck Michael 170602--September 2017---
376Coopmans Maurice Coopmans Maurice 130512May 2013-----
173Cornelson Jan Cornelson Jan 160702--July 2016---
562Corrie Jordaan Corrie Jordaan 190504May 2019-----
494Craig Abbey Craig Abbey 1205B03-----May 2012
15Craig Abbey Craig Abbey 121505--May 2012---
141 Cremer Karen Cremer Karen 150901--September 2015---
581D Van Zuydam D Van Zuydam 191004--October 2019---
77 DASGIN Ísmail DASGIN Ísmail Group 2--October 2012---
304Davis Kris Davis Kris 91017-October 2009----
452Dawood Mohammed Sarfaraaz Dawood Mohammed Sarfaraaz 160503May 2016-----
351de Andrade Nelson de Andrade Nelson 120302-March 2012----
45 de Beer Mathys de Beer Mathys 120703--July 2012---
373De La Hunt Ernest De La Hunt Ernest 121004-October 2012----
539De Necker Douw De Necker Douw 150703----September 2015-
266de Necker Douw de Necker Douw 81003-October 2008----
298de Waal Danie de Waal Danie 91003October 2009-----
91 de Wet Marius de Wet Marius 130407--April 2013---
531 Dedericks Gabriel Dedericks Gabriel 180808-----August 2018
255Delisle Richard Delisle Richard 80704-July 2008----
328Delport Raymond Delport Raymond 110403April 2011-----
480Deon Rossouw Deon Rossouw 171010October 2017-----
617Deon van Niekerk Deon van Niekerk 200309--March 2020---
325Derek Clifton Derek Clifton 100912-September 2010----
386Dewee Rusell Dewee Rusell 130522-May 2013----
383Dibakoane Sherperd Dibakoane Sherperd 130517May 2013-----
40 Dicks Frans Dicks Frans 1215c15--May 2012---
49 Dippenaar Deon Dippenaar Deon 120901--September 2012---
495Dippenaar Devon Dippenaar Devon 1205b04-----May 2012
242Dirker Hendrik Dirker Hendrik 80401-April 2008----
121 Dry Werner Dry Werner 140310--March 2014---
101 du Plessis Braam du Plessis Braam 131024--October 2013---
346du Plessis Jean du Plessis Jean 110916-September 2011----
271du Plessis Roland du Plessis Roland 90402-April 2009----
35 du Plooy Marius du Plooy Marius 1215c10--May 2012---
142 du Preez Frik du Preez Frik 150902--September 2015---
417du Toit Jan-Louis du Toit Jan-Louis 141022October 2014-----
536Du Toit Matthys Du Toit Matthys 150705---September 2015--
253du Toit Willem du Toit Willem 80705-July 2008----
124 Dube Liberty Dube Liberty 140313--March 2014---
134 Dujane Thomas Dujane Thomas 140632--September 2014---
59 DURU Hakan DURU Hakan Group 1--October 2012---
110Dustin Alvin Dustin Alvin 131033--October 2013---
183Dwight Stephenson Dwight Dwight Stephenson Dwight 160802--August 2016---
609Dylan Fisher Dylan Fisher 200302--March 2020---
425Ebrahim Hassan Ebrahim Hassan 150503May 2015-----
576Edwin Sanyangare Edwin Sanyangare 191014-October 2019----
603Eldridge Digwamaje Eldridge Digwamaje 200216--February 2020---
558Elize Mellett Elize Mellett 190505--June 2019---
595Elliot Masakgala Elliot Masakgala 191214--December 2019---
224 Elliott Denise Elliott Denise 180405--April 2018---
54 Els Johan Els Johan 120907--September 2012---
447Engar Zakir Engar Zakir 160504May 2016-----
307Enslin Desmond Enslin Desmond 91008-October 2009----
341Enslin Johann Enslin Johann 110904September 2011-----
440Erasmus Coirnelius Erasmus Coirnelius 151004October 2015-----
153 Erasmus Dawie Erasmus Dawie 151106--November 2015---
225 Erasmus Herman Erasmus Herman 180406--April 2018---
156 Erasmus Waldo Erasmus Waldo 151112--November 2015---
60 EROGLU Ali EROGLU Ali Group 1--October 2012---
104 Esgeurra Jonell Esgeurra Jonell 131027--October 2013---
423Esquerra Jonell Esquerra Jonell 141023-October 2014----
369Etienne Basson Etienne Basson 121002October 2012-----
546Etienne Basson Etienne Basson 161002----September 2016-
193 Evans Adrian Evans Adrian 170601--June 2017---
174 Exall Dwaine Exall Dwaine 160703--July 2016---
166 Faber Wiebre Faber Wiebre 151134--November 2015---
226 Ferreira Armandt Ferreira Armandt 180407--April 2018---
430Ferreira Ian Ferreira Ian 150504May 2015-----
272Ferreira James Ferreira James 90403-April 2009----
352Fick Marthinus Fick Marthinus 120307-March 2012----
461Fourie Ryno Fourie Ryno 161003October 2016-----
103 Fourie (Louis) Johannes Fourie (Louis) Johannes 131026--October 2013---
482Francois Jacobs Francois Jacobs 171006October 2017-----
608Fred Ebersohn Fred Ebersohn 200301--March 2020---
308Frittella Adi Frittella Adi 100301March 2010-----
363Gadhave Shivaji Gadhave Shivaji 120607-June 2012----
13 Gakis Chantelle Gakis Chantelle 121503--May 2012---
426Geldenhuys Jaco Geldenhuys Jaco 150505May 2015-----
241George Cherian George Cherian 80402-April 2008----
167 George Desmond George Desmond 151136--November 2015---
446Gerber Willem Gerber Willem 160505May 2016-----
435Gopolang Jerry Gopolang Jerry 150506-May 2015----
365Gordon Grant Gordon Grant 120601-June 2012----
4 Gouws Carel Gouws Carel 120304--March 2012---
94Govender Felicia Govender Felicia 130813--August 2013---
245Green Roland Green Roland 80420-April 2008----
270Grundy Glen Grundy Glen 90417-April 2009----
511GÜLMEZ Mustafa GÜLMEZ Mustafa Turkey-----October 2012
58 GÜNDÜZ Ömer GÜNDÜZ Ömer Group 1--October 2012---
281Guse Gunther Guse Gunther 90717July 2009-----
336Gwebu Itumeleng Gwebu Itumeleng 110405-April 2011----
451Haasbroek Pieter Haasbroek Pieter 160506May 2016-----
441Haffejee Aslam Haffejee Aslam 151006October 2015-----
10 Halder Billy Halder Billy 120312--March 2012---
547Hancock Jonathan Hancock Jonathan 161003----September 2016-
413Hansen Heiko Hansen Heiko 141024October 2014-----
251Hapgood-Strickland Ronald Hapgood-Strickland Ronald 80706July 2008-----
44 Harmse Chris Harmse Chris 120702--July 2012---
46 Harmse Jan Harmse Jan 120704--July 2012---
340Hattingh Erns Hattingh Erns 110910September 2011-----
252Haupt Colin Haupt Colin 80707-July 2008----
50 Hawley Quinn Hawley Quinn 120902--September 2012---
573Henco Nortje Henco Nortje 191010October 2019-----
275Hendriksz Gawie Hendriksz Gawie 90405-April 2009----
555Hendry Coetzee Hendry Coetzee 190502--June 2019---
319Herman Marx Herman Marx 100904-September 2010----
86 Herring Justin Herring Justin 130402--April 2013---
395Hewetson Charl Hewetson Charl 131006September 2013-----
291Hilliar Glenn Hilliar Glenn 90707-July 2009----
526Hlatshwayo Richard Hlatshwayo Richard 180803-----August 2018
449Holding Renier Holding Renier 160507May 2016-----
377Holtzhausen Fanie Holtzhausen Fanie 130521May 2013-----
334Hose Rudolf Hose Rudolf 110411April 2011-----
419Howard Aerington Howard Aerington 141021-October 2014----
90 Howard Aerington Howard Aerington 130406--April 2013---
56 HÜGÜL Serdar HÜGÜL Serdar Group 1--October 2012---
571Innocent Khumalo Innocent Khumalo 190506-May 2019----
561Jac Botha Jac Botha 190501May 2019-----
580Jaco Nel Jaco Nel 191008-October 2019----
475Jaco van der Linde Jaco van der Linde 171012October 2017-----
187Jaco Nagel Jaco Jaco Nagel Jaco 160806--August 2016---
283Jacobs Albert Jacobs Albert 90712July 2009-----
370Jacobus Bornman Jacobus Bornman 121003October 2012-----
578Jacques de Beer Jacques de Beer 191003-October 2019----
607Jairo Mothelesi Jairo Mothelesi 200230--February 2020---
476James Dunne James Dunne 171003October 2017-----
140Jan Cilliers Jan Jan Cilliers Jan 150610--June 2015---
382Janse van Rensburg Rudolf Janse van Rensburg Rudolf 130516May 2013-----
462Jansen van Rensburg Theo Jansen van Rensburg Theo 161004October 2016-----
320Janus Van Zyl Janus Van Zyl 100905-September 2010----
93 Jarabani Sidney Jarabani Sidney 130409--April 2013---
463Jashveer Biputh Jashveer Biputh 161001October 2016-----
604Jeremiah O Molobi Jeremiah O Molobi 200218--February 2020---
295Johan Bisschoff Johan Bisschoff 91011October 2009-----
314Johan Kruger Johan Kruger 100917September 2010-----
321Johan Meintjies Johan Meintjies 100906-September 2010----
472Johan Robinson Johan Robinson 170508-May 2017----
591John Nkosi John Nkosi 191204--December 2019---
574John Taylor John Taylor 191017October 2019-----
317Jonathan Davies Jonathan Davies 100919September 2010-----
478Jonathan Hancock Jonathan Hancock 171005October 2017-----
379Jordaan Albertus Jordaan Albertus 130503May 2013-----
227 Joubert Armandt Joubert Armandt 180408--April 2018---
27 Joubert Arno Joubert Arno 1215c01--May 2012---
471Juan Gibson Juan Gibson 170502-May 2017----
143 Kahn Mohamed Kahn Mohamed 150903--September 2015---
79Kamil Acaturk Kamil Acaturk Group 2--October 2012---
356Kandare Kudakwashe Kandare Kudakwashe 120309-March 2012----
68KARAHAN Halil KARAHAN Halil Group 1--October 2012---
62 KARAMAN Yusuf KARAMAN Yusuf Group 1--October 2012---
606Katlego Nkitseng Katlego Nkitseng 200221--February 2020---
65 KAYA Semih KAYA Semih Group 1--October 2012---
294Kearney Jonathan Kearney Jonathan 91020October 2009-----
590Kenneth Mokgosi Kenneth Mokgosi 191203--December 2019---
350Kepadisa Thebe Kepadisa Thebe 110911-September 2011----
154 Keynel Frik Keynel Frik 151107--November 2015---
456Khetsi Adam Konyana Khetsi Adam Konyana 160508-May 2016----
596Khomo Khupari Khomo Khupari 191215--December 2019---
279Khosa Victor Khosa Victor 90406-April 2009----
410Khoza Neo Khoza Neo 140504-May 2014----
324Khumi Mokgadubi Khumi Mokgadubi 100915-September 2010----
503KILIÇ Hasan KILIÇ Hasan Turkey-----October 2012
512KIRAN Ibrahim KIRAN Ibrahim Turkey-----October 2012
9 Kirsten Jacobus Kirsten Jacobus 120311--March 2012---
465Kitching Zane Kitching Zane 161005-October 2016----
594Klaas Madalane Klaas Madalane 191212--December 2019---
345Klingenberg Ulrich Klingenberg Ulrich 110917-September 2011----
405Knockaert Dries Knockaert Dries 140505May 2014-----
70 KOÇAK Firat KOÇAK Firat Group 1--October 2012---
388Koch Kobus Koch Kobus 130509-May 2013----
246Koch Martin Koch Martin 80708July 2008-----
106 Koekemoer Nardus Koekemoer Nardus 131029--October 2013---
95 Kotelo Lerato Kotelo Lerato 130814--August 2013---
32 Kotze Andre Kotze Andre 1215c07--May 2012---
234Kotze Christo Kotze Christo 80404-April 2008----
579Kristi Lee venter Kristi Lee venter 191016-October 2019----
30 Kruger Charl Kruger Charl 1215c04--May 2012---
368Kruger Martin Kruger Martin 121011October 2012-----
29 Krynouw Bryan Krynouw Bryan 1215c03--May 2012---
144 Labuschagne Ina Labuschagne Ina 150904--September 2015---
359Lambert Brent Lambert Brent 120608June 2012-----
171 Lambert Wade Lambert Wade 151140--November 2015---
455Lambrechts Stephan Lambrechts Stephan 160509-May 2016----
300Langa Siphiwe Langa Siphiwe 91009-October 2009----
339le Roux Egbert le Roux Egbert 110907September 2011-----
273le Roux Philip le Roux Philip 90407-April 2009----
265le Roux Willem le Roux Willem 81005-October 2008----
69 LEBLEBICI Özgür LEBLEBICI Özgür Group 1--October 2012---
286Lee Anthony Lee Anthony 90708-July 2009----
239Leipoldt Gustav Leipoldt Gustav 80405-April 2008----
157Lesley van Niekerk Lesley Lesley van Niekerk Lesley 151113--November 2015---
492Lines Albert Lines Albert 1205b01-----May 2012
145 Lloyd Greg Lloyd Greg 150905--September 2015---
248Locatelli Marcello Locatelli Marcello 80710July 2008-----
231Lombaard Hugo Lombaard Hugo 80406April 2008-----
122 Lombard Zach Lombard Zach 140311--March 2014---
87 London Derrick London Derrick 130403--April 2013---
565Louricus Taljaard Louricus Taljaard 190514May 2019-----
161 Louw Barry Louw Barry 151129--November 2015---
36 Louw Michael Louw Michael 1215c11--May 2012---
313Louwrens De Bruyn Louwrens De Bruyn 100920September 2010-----
400Lowin Michael Lowin Michael 131007-September 2013----
371Lucht Horst Lucht Horst 121012-October 2012----
146 Ludeke Karel Ludeke Karel 150906--September 2015---
262Ludi Barnard Ludi Barnard 81001-October 2008----
491Ludi Barnard Ludi Barnard 150701----September 2015-
288Lukoto Walter Lukoto Walter 90715-July 2009----
175 Luthuli Madoda Luthuli Madoda 160704--July 2016---
583M D Khoboko M D Khoboko 191008--October 2019---
176 Mabena Michael Mabena Michael 160705--July 2016---
380Mabesa Karabo Mabesa Karabo 130508May 2013-----
228 Mabunda Goldrick Mabunda Goldrick 180409--April 2018---
43 Mac Master Ronald Mac Master Ronald 120701--July 2012---
194 MacGibbon Robyn MacGibbon Robyn 170602--June 2017---
477Maché van Aswegen Maché van Aswegen 171016October 2017-----
488MacWalter Sidindi MacWalter Sidindi 180507May 2018-----
541Mafupa William Mafupa William 150707---September 2015--
537Magakalana Sivuyile Magakalana Sivuyile 150708----September 2015-
347Mahada Azwi Mahada Azwi 110903-September 2011----
518Mahlangu Mahlangu Mahlangu Mahlangu 140406-----April 2014
269Mahlawule Elvis Mahlawule Elvis 90418-April 2009----
215 Maile Rose Maile Rose 170603--September 2017---
116 Maja Ruphus Maja Ruphus 140304--March 2014---
342Makgata Katlego Makgata Katlego 110902September 2011-----
42 Malati John Malati John C1215c17--May 2012---
111 Malatji James Malatji James 131034--October 2013---
390Malatji John Malatji John 130507-May 2013----
534Malele Ayanda Malele Ayanda 180811-----August 2018
51 Mandree Villen Mandree Villen 120903--September 2012---
460Mansell Robert Mansell Robert 161007October 2016-----
349Mapota Sello Mapota Sello 110913-September 2011----
421Maqakalane Sivuyile Maqakalane Sivuyile 141027-October 2014----
233Marais Francois Marais Francois 80407April 2008-----
107 Marais Hendrik Marais Hendrik 131030--October 2013---
17 Marais Jacques Marais Jacques 121507--May 2012---
498Marais Jacques Marais Jacques 1205b07-----May 2012
484Marco Claasens Marco Claasens 171015-October 2017----
186Martin du Preez Martin Martin du Preez Martin 160805--August 2016---
185Martin Venter Martin Martin Venter Martin 160804--August 2016---
360Martins Cobus Martins Cobus 120612June 2012-----
522Masango Masango Masango Masango 140410-----April 2014
117Mashabane Clifford Mashabane Clifford 140305--March 2014---
2 Mashike Biotshoko Mashike Biotshoko 120302--March 2012---
139Masondo Musifane Johannes Masondo Musifane Johannes 150609--June 2015---
195 Matanla Lutando Matanla Lutando 170603--June 2017---
18Mathe Kalaluka Mathe Kalaluka 121508--May 2012---
52 Mathe Norman Mathe Norman 120904--September 2012---
517Mathebula Mathebula Mathebula Mathebula 140405-----April 2014
5 Matongo Clemence Matongo Clemence 120305--March 2012---
530Matosse Johan Matosse Johan 180807-----August 2018
127 Matuku Tinashe Matuku Tinashe 140624--September 2014---
196 Mazwi Collen Mazwi Collen 170604--June 2017---
464Mbele Michael Mbele Michael 161008-October 2016----
357Mbhalati Sindzsa Mbhalati Sindzsa 120313-March 2012----
159 Mboqo (Briddish) MR Mboqo (Briddish) MR 151127--November 2015---
216 Mc Lellan Desmond Mc Lellan Desmond 170604--September 2017---
427McLean Brendan McLean Brendan 150508May 2015-----
523Mdzibha Mdzibha Mdzibha Mdzibha 140411-----April 2014
67 MERCAN Hasan Ali MERCAN Hasan Ali Group 1--October 2012---
299Meyer Jaques Meyer Jaques 91004-October 2009----
128 Meyer Jonathan Meyer Jonathan 140625--September 2014---
217 Mgaga Vusi Mgaga Vusi 170605--September 2017---
568Michael Joubert Michael Joubert 190505May 2019-----
364Midgley Bryony Midgley Bryony 120603-June 2012----
570Mintirho Hlongwani Mintirho Hlongwani 190502-May 2019----
152 Mkwebane Isaac Mkwebane Isaac 150915--September 2015---
599MMadi Letsoalo MMadi Letsoalo 200205--February 2020---
374Mnisi Terence Mnisi Terence 121014-October 2012----
197 Mnyateli Sabelo Mnyateli Sabelo 170605--June 2017---
135Modutwane Tshiteng Johannes Modutwane Tshiteng Johannes 150601--June 2015---
333Moffett Ian Moffett Ian 110408April 2011-----
588Mogorosi Mafoko Mogorosi Mafoko 191201--December 2019---
198 Mokalapa Ephraim Mokalapa Ephraim 170606--June 2017---
199 Mokgatlhe Lesedi Mokgatlhe Lesedi 170607--June 2017---
403Mokoena Monyane Mokoena Monyane 121015-September 2013----
200 Molamodi Thabo Molamodi Thabo 170608--June 2017---
237Molefi Khotso Molefi Khotso 80419-April 2008----
415Möller Hendrick Möller Hendrick 141038October 2014-----
385Moolman Jan Moolman Jan 130506-May 2013----
158 Moses Leteane Sello Moses Leteane Sello 151124--November 2015---
420Mosiane Nonkabetse Mosiane Nonkabetse 141029-October 2014----
577Mosiuoa Mona Mosiuoa Mona 191007-October 2019----
384Moss Tyrone Moss Tyrone 130519May 2013-----
394Mostert DeWet Mostert DeWet 131010September 2013-----
41 Mothapo Rampae Mothapo Rampae 1215c16--May 2012---
201 Mothobi Kealeboga Mothobi Kealeboga 170609--June 2017---
202 Motshioane Tebogo Motshioane Tebogo 170610--June 2017---
169 Mseleku Mbusi Mseleku Mbusi 151138--November 2015---
516Msomi Prince Msomi Prince 140404-----April 2014
525Mtharlte Safiso Mtharlte Safiso 180802-----August 2018
598Mthibe Herman Manotwane Mthibe Herman Manotwane 200204--February 2020---
521Mthombeni Mthombeni Mthombeni Mthombeni 140409-----April 2014
203 Mtshatsheni Mxolisi Mtshatsheni Mxolisi 170611--June 2017---
261Mufunwaini Lowett Mufunwaini Lowett 81009-October 2008----
192Mukesh Khadoo Mukesh Mukesh Khadoo Mukesh 160811--August 2016---
487Mukonazwothe Matashvhange Mukonazwothe Matashvhange 180509May 2018-----
466Muller Tiaan Muller Tiaan 161009-October 2016----
25 Mulula Milton Mulula Milton 121515--May 2012---
301Murray Ken Murray Ken 91015-October 2009----
123 Muyambo Freedom Muyambo Freedom 140312--March 2014---
7 Mvubu Ntombifuthi Mvubu Ntombifuthi 120307--March 2012---
204 Myeni Ayanda Myeni Ayanda 170612--June 2017---
467Myeza Sibonelo Myeza Sibonelo 160511-October 2016----
305Mynhardt Coenie Mynhardt Coenie 91013-October 2009----
147 Mzaku Lwandile Mzaku Lwandile 150908--September 2015---
165Mzanzi Xobni Mzanzi Xobni 151133--November 2015---
343Naaidoo Kreesan Naaidoo Kreesan 1109017-September 2011----
278Naicker Surendhren Naicker Surendhren 90410-April 2009----
428Naidoo Laventhran Naidoo Laventhran 150509May 2015-----
293Naidoo Shamlin Naidoo Shamlin 91014October 2009-----
391Naidu Dasheek Naidu Dasheek 131011September 2013-----
396Naidu Kumeshan Naidu Kumeshan 131012September 2013-----
361Naidu Nilen Naidu Nilen 120613June 2012-----
6 Namoshe Kaywa Namoshe Kaywa 120306--March 2012---
205 Nditwani Ntanga Nditwani Ntanga 170613--June 2017---
454Ndlovu Thokozani Ndlovu Thokozani 160512-May 2016----
105 Ndobe Wilson Ndobe Wilson 131028--October 2013---
28 Nel Benjamin Nel Benjamin 1215c02--May 2012---
309Nel Jannie Nel Jannie 100309March 2010-----
257Nel Paul Nel Paul 81010October 2008-----
229 Nel Werner Nel Werner 180413--April 2018---
163 Nell Danie Nell Danie 151131--November 2015---
593Neo Mzondo Neo Mzondo 191210--December 2019---
85Ngetu Bongani Ngetu Bongani 130401--April 2013---
268Ngubane Oscar Ngubane Oscar 90419April 2009-----
88 Nhlapo Duduzile Nhlapo Duduzile 130404--April 2013---
432Niewoudt Jaco Niewoudt Jaco 121010May 2015-----
310Nimmo Gavin Nimmo Gavin 100307-March 2010----
520Nkumane Nkumame Nkumane Nkumame 140408-----April 2014
230 Nortje David Nortje David 180414--April 2018---
331Ntombela Mbalie Ntombela Mbalie 110414April 2011-----
206 Nyokong Keorapetse Nyokong Keorapetse 170614--June 2017---
515Nzotho Thandi Nzotho Thandi 140401-----April 2014
112 Ofori Gregory Ofori Gregory 131035--October 2013---
330Olwage Leon Olwage Leon 110410April 2011-----
61 ÖNCÜ Hasan ÖNCÜ Hasan Group 1--October 2012---
81 ORHAN Fahrettin ORHAN Fahrettin Group 2--October 2012---
78 ÖZBERK Ersel ÖZBERK Ersel Group 2--October 2012---
82 ÖZYIGIT Hasan ÖZYIGIT Hasan Group 2--October 2012---
589Papa Montshiwa Papa Montshiwa 191202--December 2019---
256Paton Shaun Paton Shaun 80703-July 2008----
274Patz Dietmar Patz Dietmar 90412-April 2009----
389Paul Becker Paul Becker 130514-May 2013----
48 Peake Shane Peake Shane 120707--July 2012---
453Peens Rudi Peens Rudi 160513May 2016-----
108 Peters Johane Peters Johane 131031--October 2013---
218 Petersen Darren Petersen Darren 170607--September 2017---
181Petit Benjamin Petit Benjamin 160712--July 2016---
129 Phatela Azariel Phatela Azariel 140627--September 2014---
312Phatela Azariel Phatela Azariel 100314-March 2010----
322Philip Rossouw Philip Rossouw 100911-September 2010----
483Phillip Roux Phillip Roux 171009-October 2017----
560Phillip Sales Phillip Sales 190507--June 2019---
559Phyllis Prinsloo Phyllis Prinsloo 190506--June 2019---
527Pienaar Nathan Pienaar Nathan 180804-----August 2018
616Pieter van der Merwe Pieter van der Merwe 200308--March 2020---
267Pieterse Rudi Pieterse Rudi 81012-October 2008----
138Pietersen Motseothata Lucas Pietersen Motseothata Lucas 150608--June 2015---
254Pitcher David Pitcher David 80712-July 2008----
38 Plaska Rafal Plaska Rafal 1215c13--May 2012---
355Plint Alan Plint Alan 120316-March 2012----
563Preston Kock Preston Kock 190507May 2019-----
207 Pretorius Christiaan Pretorius Christiaan 170615--June 2017---
292Pretorius Coenraad Pretorius Coenraad 97012October 2009-----
155 Pretorius Lennard Pretorius Lennard 151109--November 2015---
372Puran Prasheen Puran Prasheen 121017-October 2012----
160Radebe Mongezi Radebe Mongezi 151128--November 2015---
408Ramabya Lehlogonolo Ramabya Lehlogonolo 140508May 2014-----
8 Ramasaka Seiphimolo Ramasaka Seiphimolo 120308--March 2012---
524Ramaselela Jimmy Ramaselela Jimmy 180801-----August 2018
306Ramasenya Kwena Ramasenya Kwena 91018-October 2009----
208 Ramterath Amit Ramterath Amit 170616--June 2017---
264Randelhoff Julian Randelhoff Julian 81022-October 2008----
96 Ras Johan Ras Johan 130815--August 2013---
302Ratsikana Joseph Ratsikana Joseph 91005-October 2009----
297Read Jeffery Read Jeffery 91001October 2009-----
335Reeks Geoff Reeks Geoff 110415-April 2011----
614Reginald Prinsloo Reginald Prinsloo 200306--March 2020---
481Renier Esterhuizen Renier Esterhuizen 171004October 2017-----
458Reyneke Richardt John Reyneke Richardt John 160514-May 2016----
177 Richardson Philip Richardson Philip 160708--July 2016---
316Rikesh Amarlal Rikesh Amarlal 100909September 2010-----
564Robert Stoltz Robert Stoltz 190513May 2019-----
34 Robinson Keith Robinson Keith 1215c09--May 2012---
362Robinson Lyle Robinson Lyle 120602June 2012-----
22Rodney Abbey Rodney Abbey 121512--May 2012---
479Rohann Schnetler Rohann Schnetler 171011October 2017-----
569Ronald Smith Ronald Smith 190512-May 2019----
332Roos Stephan Roos Stephan 110417April 2011-----
238Rose Enver Rose Enver 80410-April 2008----
496Rossouw Gerhard Rossouw Gerhard 1205b05-----May 2012
282Rossouw Theunis Rossouw Theunis 90711July 2009-----
285Royal Christopher Royal Christopher 90704-July 2009----
182Ruan Croucamp Ruan Ruan Croucamp Ruan 160801--August 2016---
404Rudolph Barnard Rudolph Barnard 140502May 2014-----
610Russell Fraser Russell Fraser 200303--March 2020---
318Ryan Fernandes Ryan Fernandes 100908September 2010-----
289Ryan Forsyth Ryan Forsyth 90706-July 2009----
469Ryan Menezies Ryan Menezies 170504May 2017-----
584S J Mzangwe S J Mzangwe 191009--October 2019---
168 Samuel Elias Samuel Elias 151137--November 2015---
556Sanet Herfurth Sanet Herfurth 190503--June 2019---
130 Santana Shaun Santana Shaun 140628--September 2014---
473Sashnee Naiker Sashnee Naiker 170507-May 2017----
406Saunders Riaan Saunders Riaan 140510May 2014-----
284Schmid Mario Schmid Mario 90701July 2009-----
474Schon Niebuhr Schon Niebuhr 171008October 2017-----
113 Schwartz Pierre Schwartz Pierre 131036--October 2013---
276Scott Donovan Scott Donovan 90415-April 2009----
592Sebalane Marakewa Sebalane Marakewa 191206--December 2019---
137Sedumedi Oupa Jack Sedumedi Oupa Jack 150607--June 2015---
3 Seemise Boitumela Seemise Boitumela 120303--March 2012---
136Sefuti Mohale Lazarus Sefuti Mohale Lazarus 150606--June 2015---
66 SEKER Hakan SEKER Hakan Group 1--October 2012---
64 SEMERCI Muammer SEMERCI Muammer Group 1--October 2012---
232Serfontein Beyers Serfontein Beyers 80412April 2008-----
412Sethosa Mapula Sethosa Mapula 140511-May 2014----
280Sethusa Stephans Sethusa Stephans 90420-April 2009----
392Sewnun Kivash Sewnun Kivash 131013September 2013-----
338Shandu Richard Shandu Richard 110409-April 2011----
544Sheppard Clive Sheppard Clive 150710---September 2015--
433Shirinda Dzunisani Shirinda Dzunisani 150511-May 2015----
533Shongwe Mjabulo Shongwe Mjabulo 180810-----August 2018
528Shungube Lindokuhle Shungube Lindokuhle 180805-----August 2018
529Sibanyor Mthunzi Sibanyor Mthunzi 180806-----August 2018
532Sibeko Kate Sibeko Kate 180809-----August 2018
20 Siebenhaar Ralph Siebenhaar Ralph 121510--May 2012---
602Silas Medupe Silas Medupe 200215--February 2020---
485Simphiwe Khumalo Simphiwe Khumalo 171007-October 2017----
290Singo Ronald Singo Ronald 90703-July 2009----
597Sipho Sonney Sipho Sonney 200203--February 2020---
422Sipondo Lwazi Sipondo Lwazi 141034-October 2014----
97 Smith Charl Smith Charl 130816--August 2013---
118 Smith David Smith David 140306--March 2014---
162Smith George Smith George 151130--November 2015---
126 Smith Nathan Smith Nathan 140623--September 2014---
397Snyman Gerhard Snyman Gerhard 131014September 2013-----
414Snyman Jorick Snyman Jorick 141035October 2014-----
109 Snyman Jorick Snyman Jorick 131032--October 2013---
438Snyman Rudy Snyman Rudy 150517-May 2015----
543Sokawukile Bonginkosi Sokawukile Bonginkosi 150711----September 2015-
457Sokawukile Bonginkosi Benjamin Sokawukile Bonginkosi Benjamin 160515-May 2016----
219 Stadler Rohan Stadler Rohan 170608--September 2017---
354Stanford Mark Stanford Mark 120321-March 2012----
189Stanley Wiehahn Stanley Stanley Wiehahn Stanley 160808--August 2016---
209 Steenkamp Susan Steenkamp Susan 170617--June 2017---
243Steinhobel Warwick Steinhobel Warwick 80413-April 2008----
33Steinmann Julian Steinmann Julian 1215c08--May 2012---
258Stensby Carl Stensby Carl 81016October 2008-----
311Stephen Agget Stephen Agget 100316-March 2010----
26 Stevenson Tom Stevenson Tom 121516--May 2012---
119 Steynberg Nols Steynberg Nols 140307--March 2014---
442Strydom De Wet Strydom De Wet 151010October 2015-----
131 Strydom Petrus Strydom Petrus 140629--September 2014---
358Strydom Wessel Strydom Wessel 120609June 2012-----
178 Strydom Willem Strydom Willem 160709--July 2016---
53 Sukdeo Cherese Sukdeo Cherese 120906--September 2012---
98 Swart Sherali Swart Sherali 130818--August 2013---
75 TANITMIS Hüseyin TANITMIS Hüseyin Group 2--October 2012---
605Tankiso C Moroahae Tankiso C Moroahae 200220--February 2020---
575Tasneem Chamda Tasneem Chamda 191002October 2019-----
132 Tawane Taolo Tawane Taolo 140630--September 2014---
567Tebogo Mabotsa Tebogo Mabotsa 190508May 2019-----
586Teboho Thelejane Teboho Thelejane 191103--November 2019---
587Tefo Modise Tefo Modise 191104--November 2019---
468Teo Bosman Teo Bosman 170501May 2017-----
148 Texiera Stephen Texiera Stephen 150910--September 2015---
486Thabelo Mandiwana Thabelo Mandiwana 180510May 2018-----
489Thanyani Davhana Thanyani Davhana 180508-May 2018----
277Thekkekottaram John Thekkekottaram John 90416-April 2009----
250Thiart Pierrie Thiart Pierrie 80715July 2008-----
585Tiaan Bal Tiaan Bal 191101--November 2019---
566Tiaan Hoogenboezem Tiaan Hoogenboezem 190503May 2019-----
337Tilodi Oscar Tilodi Oscar 110402-April 2011----
538Tintinger Dewald Tintinger Dewald 150712---September 2015--
210 Tomes Willem Tomes Willem 170618--June 2017---
506TOPAL Halil TOPAL Halil Turkey-----October 2012
508TOPAL Zekeriya TOPAL Zekeriya Turkey-----October 2012
493Townsend Chris Townsend Chris 1205b02-----May 2012
31 Townsend Chris Townsend Chris 1215c05--May 2012---
83 TOY Osman TOY Osman Group 2--October 2012---
510TOY Osman TOY Osman Turkey-----October 2012
378Tregoning Adrian Tregoning Adrian 130501May 2013-----
615Tshepo Selai Tshepo Selai 200307--March 2020---
260Tshidzumba Mpho Tshidzumba Mpho 81023-October 2008----
507TUGRUL Murat TUGRUL Murat Turkey-----October 2012
71 TUNCA Nuri TUNCA Nuri Group 2--October 2012---
72 TURKOGLU Samet TURKOGLU Samet Group 2--October 2012---
470Ugandhiran Mugali Ugandhiran Mugali 170506May 2017-----
500 ÜNLÜ Osman ÜNLÜ Osman Turkey-----October 2012
84 ÜNLÜ 171 Osman ÜNLÜ 171 Osman Group 2--October 2012---
502ÜNSAL Sadik ÜNSAL Sadik Turkey-----October 2012
220 Uys Ina Uys Ina 170609--September 2017---
149 v d Berg Arno v d Berg Arno 150911--September 2015---
55 v d Berg Quinton v d Berg Quinton 120908--September 2012---
150 v d Merwe Mike v d Merwe Mike 150912--September 2015---
151 v d Watt Kobus v d Watt Kobus 150913--September 2015---
367Van Besouw John Van Besouw John 121020October 2012-----
418van Brandis Brett van Brandis Brett 141037October 2014-----
23 van Buuren Werner van Buuren Werner 121513--May 2012---
1 van der Merwe Angela van der Merwe Angela 120301--March 2012---
436van der Merwe Dries van der Merwe Dries 150513-May 2015----
120 van der Merwe Pieter van der Merwe Pieter 140309--March 2014---
459van der Schyff Michiel van der Schyff Michiel 160516-May 2016----
411van der Walt Ludwig van der Walt Ludwig 140513-May 2014----
545Van Dyk Christo Van Dyk Christo 150713---September 2015--
416van Heerden Bernard van Heerden Bernard 141036October 2014-----
434van Heerden Ian van Heerden Ian 150514-May 2015----
540Van Heereden Ian Van Heereden Ian 150714----September 2015-
249van Niekerk Hardus van Niekerk Hardus 80717July 2008-----
164 van Schalkwyk Daan van Schalkwyk Daan 151132--November 2015---
211 Van Schalkwyk Willem Van Schalkwyk Willem 170619--June 2017---
102 van Staden Johan van Staden Johan 131025--October 2013---
47 van Wyk Andries van Wyk Andries 120706--July 2012---
24 van Wyk Wilhelm van Wyk Wilhelm 121514--May 2012---
601Velly Mabitsi Velly Mabitsi 200213--February 2020---
366Venter Armand Venter Armand 120604-June 2012----
499Venter Nicholaas Venter Nicholaas 1205B09-----May 2012
445Venter Nicolaas Venter Nicolaas 151012-October 2015----
19 Venter Nicolaas Venter Nicolaas 121509--May 2012---
303Vermaak Jan Vermaak Jan 91006-October 2009----
37 Vermaak Nico Vermaak Nico 1215c12--May 2012---
236Verster Anton Verster Anton 80414-April 2008----
348Vezi Mandlonke Vezi Mandlonke 110908-September 2011----
409Viljoen Bennie Viljoen Bennie 140514-May 2014----
16 Viljoen Ernst Viljoen Ernst 121506--May 2012---
212 Viljoen Francois Viljoen Francois 170620--June 2017---
401Viljoen Willem Viljoen Willem 131019-September 2013----
353Visage Mauritz Visage Mauritz 1203019-March 2012----
247Visser Hendrik Visser Hendrik 80721July 2008-----
448Visser Matthew Visser Matthew 160517May 2016-----
444Vorster Barjo Vorster Barjo 151013October 2015-----
21 Walton Robbie Walton Robbie 121511--May 2012---
179 Walton Robert Walton Robert 160710--July 2016---
600Wayne Smit Wayne Smit 200210--February 2020---
92 Weingartz Nicholaas Weingartz Nicholaas 130408--April 2013---
191Wellington Dandara Wellington Wellington Dandara Wellington 160810--August 2016---
99 Welman Wicus Welman Wicus 130819--August 2013---
424Wesley Hunkin Wesley Hunkin 141025-October 2014----
180 Wessels Martin Wessels Martin 160711--July 2016---
240Wessels Matthys Wessels Matthys 80416-April 2008----
170 Wessels Nicholaas Wessels Nicholaas 151139--November 2015---
100 Wiehahn Stanley Wiehahn Stanley 131023--October 2013---
407Wildt David Wildt David 140515May 2014-----
133 Wimble Martin Wimble Martin 140631--September 2014---
259Winterbach Theo Winterbach Theo 81020October 2008-----
244Woodburn John Woodburn John 80417-April 2008----
439Wynand Balt Wynand Balt 151001October 2015-----
535Xulu Mbuyiseni Xulu Mbuyiseni 180812-----August 2018
76 YANDIM Ömür YANDIM Ömür Group 2--October 2012---
431Yankanna Kirolan Yankanna Kirolan 150515May 2015-----
74 YILMAZ Volkan YILMAZ Volkan Group 2--October 2012---
235Zambon Aldo Zambon Aldo 80418-April 2008----
554Zane Brown Zane Brown 190501--June 2019---
437Zeeman Louwrens Zeeman Louwrens 150516-May 2015----
125 Zifamba Thomas Zifamba Thomas 140315--March 2014---

3 Day Certificate Course

We are running a course from 30 November to 2 December 2021. Please book your spot soon to avoid disappointment 

Diploma Course 2022

Dates have been set for the Diploma course 9-16 May 2022 and 3-10 October2022. Please download registration forms to register 

Chute Course 2021

This course has been postponed to 2022. Please watch the website for new date 

Members' Meeting dates 2021:

April 20
June 15
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