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611 Achievers were found

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Full NameStudent NoDesign Diploma DistinctionDesign Diploma PassConveyor CertificateChute Design DistinctionChute Design PassBeltsman Certificate
11Adriaan van Zyl Adriaan Adriaan van Zyl Adriaan 121501--May 2012---
114Alec Bond Alec Bond 140301--March 2014---
509ALI MERCAN Hasan ALI MERCAN Hasan Turkey-----October 2012
612Amanda Mdletshe Amanda Mdletshe 200305--March 2020---
326Andre Van Der Merwe Andre Van Der Merwe 100910-September 2010----
387André Blignaut André Blignaut 130504-May 2013----
501ANNAK Erkan ANNAK Erkan Turkey-----October 2012
57 ANNAK Erkan ANNAK Erkan Group 1--October 2012---
557Anne Ludick Anne Ludick 190504--June 2019---
315Antonie Le Roux Antonie Le Roux 100907September 2010-----
514ASLANTÜRK Halil ASLANTÜRK Halil Turkey-----October 2012
504AYRANCI Zeki AYRANCI Zeki Turkey-----October 2012
375Bacela Mabandla Bacela Mabandla 121021-October 2012----
519Banda Banda Banda Banda 140407-----April 2014
221 Bezuidenhout Roelof Bezuidenhout Roelof 180401--April 2018---
443Bhavesh Baga Bhavesh Baga 151002October 2015-----
550Bill Gates Bill Gates 0011333February 2018November 2018---December 2017
402Bontle Aphani Bontle Aphani 131001-September 2013----
542Boshof Theodor Boshof Theodor 150702---September 2015--
89 Bossert Heinrich Bossert Heinrich 130405--April 2013---
296Botes Jan Botes Jan 91016October 2009-----
172 Botha Andre Botha Andre 160701--July 2016---
497Botha Jaco Botha Jaco 1205b06-----May 2012
115 Botha Pieter Botha Pieter 140302--March 2014---
548Bowker Miles Bowker Miles 161006---September 2016--
12Brandon Lok Brandon Brandon Lok Brandon 121502--May 2012---
490Bright Rwodzi Bright Rwodzi 180505-May 2018----
39 Brits Versuka Brits Versuka 1215c14--May 2012---
344Britz Stephan Britz Stephan 110905-September 2011----
398Brokenshire Nicola Brokenshire Nicola 131002-September 2013----
327Burger Jaco Burger Jaco 110404April 2011-----
393Burger Nealon Burger Nealon 131003September 2013-----
222 Burns Samantha Burns Samantha 180402--April 2018---
582C Burger C Burger 191006--October 2019---
80 ÇAKAR Ramazan ÇAKAR Ramazan Group 2--October 2012---
505 ÇAKIRBAY Ilyas ÇAKIRBAY Ilyas Turkey-----October 2012
188Chad Jacobs Chad Chad Jacobs Chad 160807--August 2016---
287Chaudhuri Subhajit Chaudhuri Subhajit 90714-July 2009----
223 Chauke Rhulani Chauke Rhulani 180403--April 2018---
184Cheerae Scott-Crossley Cheerae Cheerae Scott-Crossley Cheerae 160803--August 2016---
429Chelius Dieter Chelius Dieter 150502May 2015-----
399Chelopo Daniel Chelopo Daniel 131004-September 2013----
263Chown Raymond Chown Raymond 81002-October 2008----
611Chris Maas Chris Maas 200304--March 2020---
329Christie Billie Christie Billie 110416April 2011-----
213 Claasens Marco Claasens Marco 170901--September 2017---
190Clayton Clugumiru Clayton Clayton Clugumiru Clayton 160809--August 2016---
323Clinton Richardson Clinton Richardson 100902-September 2010----
73 ÇOBAN Erhan ÇOBAN Erhan Group 2--October 2012---
63 ÇOBAN Mustafa ÇOBAN Mustafa Group 1--October 2012---
513ÇOBAN Tamer ÇOBAN Tamer Turkey-----October 2012
14 Coerzer Cleo Coerzer Cleo 121504--May 2012---
450Coetzee Morné Coetzee Morné 160502May 2016-----
381Coetzer Pieter Coetzer Pieter 130515May 2013-----
214 Combrinck Michael Combrinck Michael 170602--September 2017---
376Coopmans Maurice Coopmans Maurice 130512May 2013-----
173Cornelson Jan Cornelson Jan 160702--July 2016---
562Corrie Jordaan Corrie Jordaan 190504May 2019-----
494Craig Abbey Craig Abbey 1205B03-----May 2012
15Craig Abbey Craig Abbey 121505--May 2012---
141 Cremer Karen Cremer Karen 150901--September 2015---
581D Van Zuydam D Van Zuydam 191004--October 2019---
77 DASGIN Ísmail DASGIN Ísmail Group 2--October 2012---
304Davis Kris Davis Kris 91017-October 2009----
452Dawood Mohammed Sarfaraaz Dawood Mohammed Sarfaraaz 160503May 2016-----
351de Andrade Nelson de Andrade Nelson 120302-March 2012----
45 de Beer Mathys de Beer Mathys 120703--July 2012---
373De La Hunt Ernest De La Hunt Ernest 121004-October 2012----
539De Necker Douw De Necker Douw 150703----September 2015-
266de Necker Douw de Necker Douw 81003-October 2008----
298de Waal Danie de Waal Danie 91003October 2009-----
91 de Wet Marius de Wet Marius 130407--April 2013---
531 Dedericks Gabriel Dedericks Gabriel 180808-----August 2018
255Delisle Richard Delisle Richard 80704-July 2008----
328Delport Raymond Delport Raymond 110403April 2011-----
480Deon Rossouw Deon Rossouw 171010October 2017-----
617Deon van Niekerk Deon van Niekerk 200309--March 2020---
325Derek Clifton Derek Clifton 100912-September 2010----
386Dewee Rusell Dewee Rusell 130522-May 2013----
383Dibakoane Sherperd Dibakoane Sherperd 130517May 2013-----
40 Dicks Frans Dicks Frans 1215c15--May 2012---
49 Dippenaar Deon Dippenaar Deon 120901--September 2012---
495Dippenaar Devon Dippenaar Devon 1205b04-----May 2012
242Dirker Hendrik Dirker Hendrik 80401-April 2008----
121 Dry Werner Dry Werner 140310--March 2014---
101 du Plessis Braam du Plessis Braam 131024--October 2013---
346du Plessis Jean du Plessis Jean 110916-September 2011----
271du Plessis Roland du Plessis Roland 90402-April 2009----
35 du Plooy Marius du Plooy Marius 1215c10--May 2012---
142 du Preez Frik du Preez Frik 150902--September 2015---
417du Toit Jan-Louis du Toit Jan-Louis 141022October 2014-----
536Du Toit Matthys Du Toit Matthys 150705---September 2015--
253du Toit Willem du Toit Willem 80705-July 2008----
124 Dube Liberty Dube Liberty 140313--March 2014---
134 Dujane Thomas Dujane Thomas 140632--September 2014---
59 DURU Hakan DURU Hakan Group 1--October 2012---
110Dustin Alvin Dustin Alvin 131033--October 2013---
183Dwight Stephenson Dwight Dwight Stephenson Dwight 160802--August 2016---
609Dylan Fisher Dylan Fisher 200302--March 2020---
425Ebrahim Hassan Ebrahim Hassan 150503May 2015-----
576Edwin Sanyangare Edwin Sanyangare 191014-October 2019----
603Eldridge Digwamaje Eldridge Digwamaje 200216--February 2020---
558Elize Mellett Elize Mellett 190505--June 2019---
595Elliot Masakgala Elliot Masakgala 191214--December 2019---
224 Elliott Denise Elliott Denise 180405--April 2018---
54 Els Johan Els Johan 120907--September 2012---
447Engar Zakir Engar Zakir 160504May 2016-----
307Enslin Desmond Enslin Desmond 91008-October 2009----
341Enslin Johann Enslin Johann 110904September 2011-----
440Erasmus Coirnelius Erasmus Coirnelius 151004October 2015-----
153 Erasmus Dawie Erasmus Dawie 151106--November 2015---
225 Erasmus Herman Erasmus Herman 180406--April 2018---
156 Erasmus Waldo Erasmus Waldo 151112--November 2015---
60 EROGLU Ali EROGLU Ali Group 1--October 2012---
104 Esgeurra Jonell Esgeurra Jonell 131027--October 2013---
423Esquerra Jonell Esquerra Jonell 141023-October 2014----
369Etienne Basson Etienne Basson 121002October 2012-----
546Etienne Basson Etienne Basson 161002----September 2016-
193 Evans Adrian Evans Adrian 170601--June 2017---
174 Exall Dwaine Exall Dwaine 160703--July 2016---
166 Faber Wiebre Faber Wiebre 151134--November 2015---
226 Ferreira Armandt Ferreira Armandt 180407--April 2018---
430Ferreira Ian Ferreira Ian 150504May 2015-----
272Ferreira James Ferreira James 90403-April 2009----
352Fick Marthinus Fick Marthinus 120307-March 2012----
461Fourie Ryno Fourie Ryno 161003October 2016-----
103 Fourie (Louis) Johannes Fourie (Louis) Johannes 131026--October 2013---
482Francois Jacobs Francois Jacobs 171006October 2017-----
608Fred Ebersohn Fred Ebersohn 200301--March 2020---
308Frittella Adi Frittella Adi 100301March 2010-----
363Gadhave Shivaji Gadhave Shivaji 120607-June 2012----
13 Gakis Chantelle Gakis Chantelle 121503--May 2012---
426Geldenhuys Jaco Geldenhuys Jaco 150505May 2015-----
241George Cherian George Cherian 80402-April 2008----
167 George Desmond George Desmond 151136--November 2015---
446Gerber Willem Gerber Willem 160505May 2016-----
435Gopolang Jerry Gopolang Jerry 150506-May 2015----
365Gordon Grant Gordon Grant 120601-June 2012----
4 Gouws Carel Gouws Carel 120304--March 2012---
94Govender Felicia Govender Felicia 130813--August 2013---
245Green Roland Green Roland 80420-April 2008----
270Grundy Glen Grundy Glen 90417-April 2009----
511GÜLMEZ Mustafa GÜLMEZ Mustafa Turkey-----October 2012
58 GÜNDÜZ Ömer GÜNDÜZ Ömer Group 1--October 2012---
281Guse Gunther Guse Gunther 90717July 2009-----
336Gwebu Itumeleng Gwebu Itumeleng 110405-April 2011----
451Haasbroek Pieter Haasbroek Pieter 160506May 2016-----
441Haffejee Aslam Haffejee Aslam 151006October 2015-----
10 Halder Billy Halder Billy 120312--March 2012---
547Hancock Jonathan Hancock Jonathan 161003----September 2016-
413Hansen Heiko Hansen Heiko 141024October 2014-----
251Hapgood-Strickland Ronald Hapgood-Strickland Ronald 80706July 2008-----
44 Harmse Chris Harmse Chris 120702--July 2012---
46 Harmse Jan Harmse Jan 120704--July 2012---
340Hattingh Erns Hattingh Erns 110910September 2011-----
252Haupt Colin Haupt Colin 80707-July 2008----
50 Hawley Quinn Hawley Quinn 120902--September 2012---
573Henco Nortje Henco Nortje 191010October 2019-----
275Hendriksz Gawie Hendriksz Gawie 90405-April 2009----
555Hendry Coetzee Hendry Coetzee 190502--June 2019---
319Herman Marx Herman Marx 100904-September 2010----
86 Herring Justin Herring Justin 130402--April 2013---
395Hewetson Charl Hewetson Charl 131006September 2013-----
291Hilliar Glenn Hilliar Glenn 90707-July 2009----
526Hlatshwayo Richard Hlatshwayo Richard 180803-----August 2018
449Holding Renier Holding Renier 160507May 2016-----
377Holtzhausen Fanie Holtzhausen Fanie 130521May 2013-----
334Hose Rudolf Hose Rudolf 110411April 2011-----
419Howard Aerington Howard Aerington 141021-October 2014----
90 Howard Aerington Howard Aerington 130406--April 2013---
56 HÜGÜL Serdar HÜGÜL Serdar Group 1--October 2012---
571Innocent Khumalo Innocent Khumalo 190506-May 2019----
561Jac Botha Jac Botha 190501May 2019-----
580Jaco Nel Jaco Nel 191008-October 2019----
475Jaco van der Linde Jaco van der Linde 171012October 2017-----
187Jaco Nagel Jaco Jaco Nagel Jaco 160806--August 2016---
283Jacobs Albert Jacobs Albert 90712July 2009-----
370Jacobus Bornman Jacobus Bornman 121003October 2012-----
578Jacques de Beer Jacques de Beer 191003-October 2019----
607Jairo Mothelesi Jairo Mothelesi 200230--February 2020---
476James Dunne James Dunne 171003October 2017-----
140Jan Cilliers Jan Jan Cilliers Jan 150610--June 2015---
382Janse van Rensburg Rudolf Janse van Rensburg Rudolf 130516May 2013-----
462Jansen van Rensburg Theo Jansen van Rensburg Theo 161004October 2016-----
320Janus Van Zyl Janus Van Zyl 100905-September 2010----
93 Jarabani Sidney Jarabani Sidney 130409--April 2013---
463Jashveer Biputh Jashveer Biputh 161001October 2016-----
604Jeremiah O Molobi Jeremiah O Molobi 200218--February 2020---
295Johan Bisschoff Johan Bisschoff 91011October 2009-----
314Johan Kruger Johan Kruger 100917September 2010-----
321Johan Meintjies Johan Meintjies 100906-September 2010----
472Johan Robinson Johan Robinson 170508-May 2017----
591John Nkosi John Nkosi 191204--December 2019---
574John Taylor John Taylor 191017October 2019-----
317Jonathan Davies Jonathan Davies 100919September 2010-----
478Jonathan Hancock Jonathan Hancock 171005October 2017-----
379Jordaan Albertus Jordaan Albertus 130503May 2013-----
227 Joubert Armandt Joubert Armandt 180408--April 2018---
27 Joubert Arno Joubert Arno 1215c01--May 2012---
471Juan Gibson Juan Gibson 170502-May 2017----
143 Kahn Mohamed Kahn Mohamed 150903--September 2015---
79Kamil Acaturk Kamil Acaturk Group 2--October 2012---
356Kandare Kudakwashe Kandare Kudakwashe 120309-March 2012----
68KARAHAN Halil KARAHAN Halil Group 1--October 2012---
62 KARAMAN Yusuf KARAMAN Yusuf Group 1--October 2012---
606Katlego Nkitseng Katlego Nkitseng 200221--February 2020---
65 KAYA Semih KAYA Semih Group 1--October 2012---
294Kearney Jonathan Kearney Jonathan 91020October 2009-----
590Kenneth Mokgosi Kenneth Mokgosi 191203--December 2019---
350Kepadisa Thebe Kepadisa Thebe 110911-September 2011----
154 Keynel Frik Keynel Frik 151107--November 2015---
456Khetsi Adam Konyana Khetsi Adam Konyana 160508-May 2016----
596Khomo Khupari Khomo Khupari 191215--December 2019---
279Khosa Victor Khosa Victor 90406-April 2009----
410Khoza Neo Khoza Neo 140504-May 2014----
324Khumi Mokgadubi Khumi Mokgadubi 100915-September 2010----
503KILIÇ Hasan KILIÇ Hasan Turkey-----October 2012
512KIRAN Ibrahim KIRAN Ibrahim Turkey-----October 2012
9 Kirsten Jacobus Kirsten Jacobus 120311--March 2012---
465Kitching Zane Kitching Zane 161005-October 2016----
594Klaas Madalane Klaas Madalane 191212--December 2019---
345Klingenberg Ulrich Klingenberg Ulrich 110917-September 2011----
405Knockaert Dries Knockaert Dries 140505May 2014-----
70 KOÇAK Firat KOÇAK Firat Group 1--October 2012---
388Koch Kobus Koch Kobus 130509-May 2013----
246Koch Martin Koch Martin 80708July 2008-----
106 Koekemoer Nardus Koekemoer Nardus 131029--October 2013---
95 Kotelo Lerato Kotelo Lerato 130814--August 2013---
32 Kotze Andre Kotze Andre 1215c07--May 2012---
234Kotze Christo Kotze Christo 80404-April 2008----
579Kristi Lee venter Kristi Lee venter 191016-October 2019----
30 Kruger Charl Kruger Charl 1215c04--May 2012---
368Kruger Martin Kruger Martin 121011October 2012-----
29 Krynouw Bryan Krynouw Bryan 1215c03--May 2012---
144 Labuschagne Ina Labuschagne Ina 150904--September 2015---
359Lambert Brent Lambert Brent 120608June 2012-----
171 Lambert Wade Lambert Wade 151140--November 2015---
455Lambrechts Stephan Lambrechts Stephan 160509-May 2016----
300Langa Siphiwe Langa Siphiwe 91009-October 2009----
339le Roux Egbert le Roux Egbert 110907September 2011-----
273le Roux Philip le Roux Philip 90407-April 2009----
265le Roux Willem le Roux Willem 81005-October 2008----
69 LEBLEBICI Özgür LEBLEBICI Özgür Group 1--October 2012---
286Lee Anthony Lee Anthony 90708-July 2009----
239Leipoldt Gustav Leipoldt Gustav 80405-April 2008----
157Lesley van Niekerk Lesley Lesley van Niekerk Lesley 151113--November 2015---
492Lines Albert Lines Albert 1205b01-----May 2012
145 Lloyd Greg Lloyd Greg 150905--September 2015---
248Locatelli Marcello Locatelli Marcello 80710July 2008-----
231Lombaard Hugo Lombaard Hugo 80406April 2008-----
122 Lombard Zach Lombard Zach 140311--March 2014---
87 London Derrick London Derrick 130403--April 2013---
565Louricus Taljaard Louricus Taljaard 190514May 2019-----
161 Louw Barry Louw Barry 151129--November 2015---
36 Louw Michael Louw Michael 1215c11--May 2012---
313Louwrens De Bruyn Louwrens De Bruyn 100920September 2010-----
400Lowin Michael Lowin Michael 131007-September 2013----
371Lucht Horst Lucht Horst 121012-October 2012----
146 Ludeke Karel Ludeke Karel 150906--September 2015---
262Ludi Barnard Ludi Barnard 81001-October 2008----
491Ludi Barnard Ludi Barnard 150701----September 2015-
288Lukoto Walter Lukoto Walter 90715-July 2009----
175 Luthuli Madoda Luthuli Madoda 160704--July 2016---
583M D Khoboko M D Khoboko 191008--October 2019---
176 Mabena Michael Mabena Michael 160705--July 2016---
380Mabesa Karabo Mabesa Karabo 130508May 2013-----
228 Mabunda Goldrick Mabunda Goldrick 180409--April 2018---
43 Mac Master Ronald Mac Master Ronald 120701--July 2012---
194 MacGibbon Robyn MacGibbon Robyn 170602--June 2017---
477Maché van Aswegen Maché van Aswegen 171016October 2017-----
488MacWalter Sidindi MacWalter Sidindi 180507May 2018-----
541Mafupa William Mafupa William 150707---September 2015--
537Magakalana Sivuyile Magakalana Sivuyile 150708----September 2015-
347Mahada Azwi Mahada Azwi 110903-September 2011----
518Mahlangu Mahlangu Mahlangu Mahlangu 140406-----April 2014
269Mahlawule Elvis Mahlawule Elvis 90418-April 2009----
215 Maile Rose Maile Rose 170603--September 2017---
116 Maja Ruphus Maja Ruphus 140304--March 2014---
342Makgata Katlego Makgata Katlego 110902September 2011-----
42 Malati John Malati John C1215c17--May 2012---
111 Malatji James Malatji James 131034--October 2013---
390Malatji John Malatji John 130507-May 2013----
534Malele Ayanda Malele Ayanda 180811-----August 2018
51 Mandree Villen Mandree Villen 120903--September 2012---
460Mansell Robert Mansell Robert 161007October 2016-----
349Mapota Sello Mapota Sello 110913-September 2011----
421Maqakalane Sivuyile Maqakalane Sivuyile 141027-October 2014----
233Marais Francois Marais Francois 80407April 2008-----
107 Marais Hendrik Marais Hendrik 131030--October 2013---
17 Marais Jacques Marais Jacques 121507--May 2012---
498Marais Jacques Marais Jacques 1205b07-----May 2012
484Marco Claasens Marco Claasens 171015-October 2017----
186Martin du Preez Martin Martin du Preez Martin 160805--August 2016---
185Martin Venter Martin Martin Venter Martin 160804--August 2016---
360Martins Cobus Martins Cobus 120612June 2012-----
522Masango Masango Masango Masango 140410-----April 2014
117Mashabane Clifford Mashabane Clifford 140305--March 2014---
2 Mashike Biotshoko Mashike Biotshoko 120302--March 2012---
139Masondo Musifane Johannes Masondo Musifane Johannes 150609--June 2015---
195 Matanla Lutando Matanla Lutando 170603--June 2017---
18Mathe Kalaluka Mathe Kalaluka 121508--May 2012---
52 Mathe Norman Mathe Norman 120904--September 2012---
517Mathebula Mathebula Mathebula Mathebula 140405-----April 2014
5 Matongo Clemence Matongo Clemence 120305--March 2012---
530Matosse Johan Matosse Johan 180807-----August 2018
127 Matuku Tinashe Matuku Tinashe 140624--September 2014---
196 Mazwi Collen Mazwi Collen 170604--June 2017---
464Mbele Michael Mbele Michael 161008-October 2016----
357Mbhalati Sindzsa Mbhalati Sindzsa 120313-March 2012----
159 Mboqo (Briddish) MR Mboqo (Briddish) MR 151127--November 2015---
216 Mc Lellan Desmond Mc Lellan Desmond 170604--September 2017---
427McLean Brendan McLean Brendan 150508May 2015-----
523Mdzibha Mdzibha Mdzibha Mdzibha 140411-----April 2014
67 MERCAN Hasan Ali MERCAN Hasan Ali Group 1--October 2012---
299Meyer Jaques Meyer Jaques 91004-October 2009----
128 Meyer Jonathan Meyer Jonathan 140625--September 2014---
217 Mgaga Vusi Mgaga Vusi 170605--September 2017---
568Michael Joubert Michael Joubert 190505May 2019-----
364Midgley Bryony Midgley Bryony 120603-June 2012----
570Mintirho Hlongwani Mintirho Hlongwani 190502-May 2019----
152 Mkwebane Isaac Mkwebane Isaac 150915--September 2015---
599MMadi Letsoalo MMadi Letsoalo 200205--February 2020---
374Mnisi Terence Mnisi Terence 121014-October 2012----
197 Mnyateli Sabelo Mnyateli Sabelo 170605--June 2017---
135Modutwane Tshiteng Johannes Modutwane Tshiteng Johannes 150601--June 2015---
333Moffett Ian Moffett Ian 110408April 2011-----
588Mogorosi Mafoko Mogorosi Mafoko 191201--December 2019---
198 Mokalapa Ephraim Mokalapa Ephraim 170606--June 2017---
199 Mokgatlhe Lesedi Mokgatlhe Lesedi 170607--June 2017---
403Mokoena Monyane Mokoena Monyane 121015-September 2013----
200 Molamodi Thabo Molamodi Thabo 170608--June 2017---
237Molefi Khotso Molefi Khotso 80419-April 2008----
415Möller Hendrick Möller Hendrick 141038October 2014-----
385Moolman Jan Moolman Jan 130506-May 2013----
158 Moses Leteane Sello Moses Leteane Sello 151124--November 2015---
420Mosiane Nonkabetse Mosiane Nonkabetse 141029-October 2014----
577Mosiuoa Mona Mosiuoa Mona 191007-October 2019----
384Moss Tyrone Moss Tyrone 130519May 2013-----
394Mostert DeWet Mostert DeWet 131010September 2013-----
41 Mothapo Rampae Mothapo Rampae 1215c16--May 2012---
201 Mothobi Kealeboga Mothobi Kealeboga 170609--June 2017---
202 Motshioane Tebogo Motshioane Tebogo 170610--June 2017---
169 Mseleku Mbusi Mseleku Mbusi 151138--November 2015---
516Msomi Prince Msomi Prince 140404-----April 2014
525Mtharlte Safiso Mtharlte Safiso 180802-----August 2018
598Mthibe Herman Manotwane Mthibe Herman Manotwane 200204--February 2020---
521Mthombeni Mthombeni Mthombeni Mthombeni 140409-----April 2014
203 Mtshatsheni Mxolisi Mtshatsheni Mxolisi 170611--June 2017---
261Mufunwaini Lowett Mufunwaini Lowett 81009-October 2008----
192Mukesh Khadoo Mukesh Mukesh Khadoo Mukesh 160811--August 2016---
487Mukonazwothe Matashvhange Mukonazwothe Matashvhange 180509May 2018-----
466Muller Tiaan Muller Tiaan 161009-October 2016----
25 Mulula Milton Mulula Milton 121515--May 2012---
301Murray Ken Murray Ken 91015-October 2009----
123 Muyambo Freedom Muyambo Freedom 140312--March 2014---
7 Mvubu Ntombifuthi Mvubu Ntombifuthi 120307--March 2012---
204 Myeni Ayanda Myeni Ayanda 170612--June 2017---
467Myeza Sibonelo Myeza Sibonelo 160511-October 2016----
305Mynhardt Coenie Mynhardt Coenie 91013-October 2009----
147 Mzaku Lwandile Mzaku Lwandile 150908--September 2015---
165Mzanzi Xobni Mzanzi Xobni 151133--November 2015---
343Naaidoo Kreesan Naaidoo Kreesan 1109017-September 2011----
278Naicker Surendhren Naicker Surendhren 90410-April 2009----
428Naidoo Laventhran Naidoo Laventhran 150509May 2015-----
293Naidoo Shamlin Naidoo Shamlin 91014October 2009-----
391Naidu Dasheek Naidu Dasheek 131011September 2013-----
396Naidu Kumeshan Naidu Kumeshan 131012September 2013-----
361Naidu Nilen Naidu Nilen 120613June 2012-----
6 Namoshe Kaywa Namoshe Kaywa 120306--March 2012---
205 Nditwani Ntanga Nditwani Ntanga 170613--June 2017---
454Ndlovu Thokozani Ndlovu Thokozani 160512-May 2016----
105 Ndobe Wilson Ndobe Wilson 131028--October 2013---
28 Nel Benjamin Nel Benjamin 1215c02--May 2012---
309Nel Jannie Nel Jannie 100309March 2010-----
257Nel Paul Nel Paul 81010October 2008-----
229 Nel Werner Nel Werner 180413--April 2018---
163 Nell Danie Nell Danie 151131--November 2015---
593Neo Mzondo Neo Mzondo 191210--December 2019---
85Ngetu Bongani Ngetu Bongani 130401--April 2013---
268Ngubane Oscar Ngubane Oscar 90419April 2009-----
88 Nhlapo Duduzile Nhlapo Duduzile 130404--April 2013---
432Niewoudt Jaco Niewoudt Jaco 121010May 2015-----
310Nimmo Gavin Nimmo Gavin 100307-March 2010----
520Nkumane Nkumame Nkumane Nkumame 140408-----April 2014
230 Nortje David Nortje David 180414--April 2018---
331Ntombela Mbalie Ntombela Mbalie 110414April 2011-----
206 Nyokong Keorapetse Nyokong Keorapetse 170614--June 2017---
515Nzotho Thandi Nzotho Thandi 140401-----April 2014
112 Ofori Gregory Ofori Gregory 131035--October 2013---
330Olwage Leon Olwage Leon 110410April 2011-----
61 ÖNCÜ Hasan ÖNCÜ Hasan Group 1--October 2012---
81 ORHAN Fahrettin ORHAN Fahrettin Group 2--October 2012---
78 ÖZBERK Ersel ÖZBERK Ersel Group 2--October 2012---
82 ÖZYIGIT Hasan ÖZYIGIT Hasan Group 2--October 2012---
589Papa Montshiwa Papa Montshiwa 191202--December 2019---
256Paton Shaun Paton Shaun 80703-July 2008----
274Patz Dietmar Patz Dietmar 90412-April 2009----
389Paul Becker Paul Becker 130514-May 2013----
48 Peake Shane Peake Shane 120707--July 2012---
453Peens Rudi Peens Rudi 160513May 2016-----
108 Peters Johane Peters Johane 131031--October 2013---
218 Petersen Darren Petersen Darren 170607--September 2017---
181Petit Benjamin Petit Benjamin 160712--July 2016---
129 Phatela Azariel Phatela Azariel 140627--September 2014---
312Phatela Azariel Phatela Azariel 100314-March 2010----
322Philip Rossouw Philip Rossouw 100911-September 2010----
483Phillip Roux Phillip Roux 171009-October 2017----
560Phillip Sales Phillip Sales 190507--June 2019---
559Phyllis Prinsloo Phyllis Prinsloo 190506--June 2019---
527Pienaar Nathan Pienaar Nathan 180804-----August 2018
616Pieter van der Merwe Pieter van der Merwe 200308--March 2020---
267Pieterse Rudi Pieterse Rudi 81012-October 2008----
138Pietersen Motseothata Lucas Pietersen Motseothata Lucas 150608--June 2015---
254Pitcher David Pitcher David 80712-July 2008----
38 Plaska Rafal Plaska Rafal 1215c13--May 2012---
355Plint Alan Plint Alan 120316-March 2012----
563Preston Kock Preston Kock 190507May 2019-----
207 Pretorius Christiaan Pretorius Christiaan 170615--June 2017---
292Pretorius Coenraad Pretorius Coenraad 97012October 2009-----
155 Pretorius Lennard Pretorius Lennard 151109--November 2015---
372Puran Prasheen Puran Prasheen 121017-October 2012----
160Radebe Mongezi Radebe Mongezi 151128--November 2015---
408Ramabya Lehlogonolo Ramabya Lehlogonolo 140508May 2014-----
8 Ramasaka Seiphimolo Ramasaka Seiphimolo 120308--March 2012---
524Ramaselela Jimmy Ramaselela Jimmy 180801-----August 2018
306Ramasenya Kwena Ramasenya Kwena 91018-October 2009----
208 Ramterath Amit Ramterath Amit 170616--June 2017---
264Randelhoff Julian Randelhoff Julian 81022-October 2008----
96 Ras Johan Ras Johan 130815--August 2013---
302Ratsikana Joseph Ratsikana Joseph 91005-October 2009----
297Read Jeffery Read Jeffery 91001October 2009-----
335Reeks Geoff Reeks Geoff 110415-April 2011----
614Reginald Prinsloo Reginald Prinsloo 200306--March 2020---
481Renier Esterhuizen Renier Esterhuizen 171004October 2017-----
458Reyneke Richardt John Reyneke Richardt John 160514-May 2016----
177 Richardson Philip Richardson Philip 160708--July 2016---
316Rikesh Amarlal Rikesh Amarlal 100909September 2010-----
564Robert Stoltz Robert Stoltz 190513May 2019-----
34 Robinson Keith Robinson Keith 1215c09--May 2012---
362Robinson Lyle Robinson Lyle 120602June 2012-----
22Rodney Abbey Rodney Abbey 121512--May 2012---
479Rohann Schnetler Rohann Schnetler 171011October 2017-----
569Ronald Smith Ronald Smith 190512-May 2019----
332Roos Stephan Roos Stephan 110417April 2011-----
238Rose Enver Rose Enver 80410-April 2008----
496Rossouw Gerhard Rossouw Gerhard 1205b05-----May 2012
282Rossouw Theunis Rossouw Theunis 90711July 2009-----
285Royal Christopher Royal Christopher 90704-July 2009----
182Ruan Croucamp Ruan Ruan Croucamp Ruan 160801--August 2016---
404Rudolph Barnard Rudolph Barnard 140502May 2014-----
610Russell Fraser Russell Fraser 200303--March 2020---
318Ryan Fernandes Ryan Fernandes 100908September 2010-----
289Ryan Forsyth Ryan Forsyth 90706-July 2009----
469Ryan Menezies Ryan Menezies 170504May 2017-----
584S J Mzangwe S J Mzangwe 191009--October 2019---
168 Samuel Elias Samuel Elias 151137--November 2015---
556Sanet Herfurth Sanet Herfurth 190503--June 2019---
130 Santana Shaun Santana Shaun 140628--September 2014---
473Sashnee Naiker Sashnee Naiker 170507-May 2017----
406Saunders Riaan Saunders Riaan 140510May 2014-----
284Schmid Mario Schmid Mario 90701July 2009-----
474Schon Niebuhr Schon Niebuhr 171008October 2017-----
113 Schwartz Pierre Schwartz Pierre 131036--October 2013---
276Scott Donovan Scott Donovan 90415-April 2009----
592Sebalane Marakewa Sebalane Marakewa 191206--December 2019---
137Sedumedi Oupa Jack Sedumedi Oupa Jack 150607--June 2015---
3 Seemise Boitumela Seemise Boitumela 120303--March 2012---
136Sefuti Mohale Lazarus Sefuti Mohale Lazarus 150606--June 2015---
66 SEKER Hakan SEKER Hakan Group 1--October 2012---
64 SEMERCI Muammer SEMERCI Muammer Group 1--October 2012---
232Serfontein Beyers Serfontein Beyers 80412April 2008-----
412Sethosa Mapula Sethosa Mapula 140511-May 2014----
280Sethusa Stephans Sethusa Stephans 90420-April 2009----
392Sewnun Kivash Sewnun Kivash 131013September 2013-----
338Shandu Richard Shandu Richard 110409-April 2011----
544Sheppard Clive Sheppard Clive 150710---September 2015--
433Shirinda Dzunisani Shirinda Dzunisani 150511-May 2015----
533Shongwe Mjabulo Shongwe Mjabulo 180810-----August 2018
528Shungube Lindokuhle Shungube Lindokuhle 180805-----August 2018
529Sibanyor Mthunzi Sibanyor Mthunzi 180806-----August 2018
532Sibeko Kate Sibeko Kate 180809-----August 2018
20 Siebenhaar Ralph Siebenhaar Ralph 121510--May 2012---
602Silas Medupe Silas Medupe 200215--February 2020---
485Simphiwe Khumalo Simphiwe Khumalo 171007-October 2017----
290Singo Ronald Singo Ronald 90703-July 2009----
597Sipho Sonney Sipho Sonney 200203--February 2020---
422Sipondo Lwazi Sipondo Lwazi 141034-October 2014----
97 Smith Charl Smith Charl 130816--August 2013---
118 Smith David Smith David 140306--March 2014---
162Smith George Smith George 151130--November 2015---
126 Smith Nathan Smith Nathan 140623--September 2014---
397Snyman Gerhard Snyman Gerhard 131014September 2013-----
414Snyman Jorick Snyman Jorick 141035October 2014-----
109 Snyman Jorick Snyman Jorick 131032--October 2013---
438Snyman Rudy Snyman Rudy 150517-May 2015----
543Sokawukile Bonginkosi Sokawukile Bonginkosi 150711----September 2015-
457Sokawukile Bonginkosi Benjamin Sokawukile Bonginkosi Benjamin 160515-May 2016----
219 Stadler Rohan Stadler Rohan 170608--September 2017---
354Stanford Mark Stanford Mark 120321-March 2012----
189Stanley Wiehahn Stanley Stanley Wiehahn Stanley 160808--August 2016---
209 Steenkamp Susan Steenkamp Susan 170617--June 2017---
243Steinhobel Warwick Steinhobel Warwick 80413-April 2008----
33Steinmann Julian Steinmann Julian 1215c08--May 2012---
258Stensby Carl Stensby Carl 81016October 2008-----
311Stephen Agget Stephen Agget 100316-March 2010----
26 Stevenson Tom Stevenson Tom 121516--May 2012---
119 Steynberg Nols Steynberg Nols 140307--March 2014---
442Strydom De Wet Strydom De Wet 151010October 2015-----
131 Strydom Petrus Strydom Petrus 140629--September 2014---
358Strydom Wessel Strydom Wessel 120609June 2012-----
178 Strydom Willem Strydom Willem 160709--July 2016---
53 Sukdeo Cherese Sukdeo Cherese 120906--September 2012---
98 Swart Sherali Swart Sherali 130818--August 2013---
75 TANITMIS Hüseyin TANITMIS Hüseyin Group 2--October 2012---
605Tankiso C Moroahae Tankiso C Moroahae 200220--February 2020---
575Tasneem Chamda Tasneem Chamda 191002October 2019-----
132 Tawane Taolo Tawane Taolo 140630--September 2014---
567Tebogo Mabotsa Tebogo Mabotsa 190508May 2019-----
586Teboho Thelejane Teboho Thelejane 191103--November 2019---
587Tefo Modise Tefo Modise 191104--November 2019---
468Teo Bosman Teo Bosman 170501May 2017-----
148 Texiera Stephen Texiera Stephen 150910--September 2015---
486Thabelo Mandiwana Thabelo Mandiwana 180510May 2018-----
489Thanyani Davhana Thanyani Davhana 180508-May 2018----
277Thekkekottaram John Thekkekottaram John 90416-April 2009----
250Thiart Pierrie Thiart Pierrie 80715July 2008-----
585Tiaan Bal Tiaan Bal 191101--November 2019---
566Tiaan Hoogenboezem Tiaan Hoogenboezem 190503May 2019-----
337Tilodi Oscar Tilodi Oscar 110402-April 2011----
538Tintinger Dewald Tintinger Dewald 150712---September 2015--
210 Tomes Willem Tomes Willem 170618--June 2017---
506TOPAL Halil TOPAL Halil Turkey-----October 2012
508TOPAL Zekeriya TOPAL Zekeriya Turkey-----October 2012
493Townsend Chris Townsend Chris 1205b02-----May 2012
31 Townsend Chris Townsend Chris 1215c05--May 2012---
83 TOY Osman TOY Osman Group 2--October 2012---
510TOY Osman TOY Osman Turkey-----October 2012
378Tregoning Adrian Tregoning Adrian 130501May 2013-----
615Tshepo Selai Tshepo Selai 200307--March 2020---
260Tshidzumba Mpho Tshidzumba Mpho 81023-October 2008----
507TUGRUL Murat TUGRUL Murat Turkey-----October 2012
71 TUNCA Nuri TUNCA Nuri Group 2--October 2012---
72 TURKOGLU Samet TURKOGLU Samet Group 2--October 2012---
470Ugandhiran Mugali Ugandhiran Mugali 170506May 2017-----
500 ÜNLÜ Osman ÜNLÜ Osman Turkey-----October 2012
84 ÜNLÜ 171 Osman ÜNLÜ 171 Osman Group 2--October 2012---
502ÜNSAL Sadik ÜNSAL Sadik Turkey-----October 2012
220 Uys Ina Uys Ina 170609--September 2017---
149 v d Berg Arno v d Berg Arno 150911--September 2015---
55 v d Berg Quinton v d Berg Quinton 120908--September 2012---
150 v d Merwe Mike v d Merwe Mike 150912--September 2015---
151 v d Watt Kobus v d Watt Kobus 150913--September 2015---
367Van Besouw John Van Besouw John 121020October 2012-----
418van Brandis Brett van Brandis Brett 141037October 2014-----
23 van Buuren Werner van Buuren Werner 121513--May 2012---
1 van der Merwe Angela van der Merwe Angela 120301--March 2012---
436van der Merwe Dries van der Merwe Dries 150513-May 2015----
120 van der Merwe Pieter van der Merwe Pieter 140309--March 2014---
459van der Schyff Michiel van der Schyff Michiel 160516-May 2016----
411van der Walt Ludwig van der Walt Ludwig 140513-May 2014----
545Van Dyk Christo Van Dyk Christo 150713---September 2015--
416van Heerden Bernard van Heerden Bernard 141036October 2014-----
434van Heerden Ian van Heerden Ian 150514-May 2015----
540Van Heereden Ian Van Heereden Ian 150714----September 2015-
249van Niekerk Hardus van Niekerk Hardus 80717July 2008-----
164 van Schalkwyk Daan van Schalkwyk Daan 151132--November 2015---
211 Van Schalkwyk Willem Van Schalkwyk Willem 170619--June 2017---
102 van Staden Johan van Staden Johan 131025--October 2013---
47 van Wyk Andries van Wyk Andries 120706--July 2012---
24 van Wyk Wilhelm van Wyk Wilhelm 121514--May 2012---
601Velly Mabitsi Velly Mabitsi 200213--February 2020---
366Venter Armand Venter Armand 120604-June 2012----
499Venter Nicholaas Venter Nicholaas 1205B09-----May 2012
445Venter Nicolaas Venter Nicolaas 151012-October 2015----
19 Venter Nicolaas Venter Nicolaas 121509--May 2012---
303Vermaak Jan Vermaak Jan 91006-October 2009----
37 Vermaak Nico Vermaak Nico 1215c12--May 2012---
236Verster Anton Verster Anton 80414-April 2008----
348Vezi Mandlonke Vezi Mandlonke 110908-September 2011----
409Viljoen Bennie Viljoen Bennie 140514-May 2014----
16 Viljoen Ernst Viljoen Ernst 121506--May 2012---
212 Viljoen Francois Viljoen Francois 170620--June 2017---
401Viljoen Willem Viljoen Willem 131019-September 2013----
353Visage Mauritz Visage Mauritz 1203019-March 2012----
247Visser Hendrik Visser Hendrik 80721July 2008-----
448Visser Matthew Visser Matthew 160517May 2016-----
444Vorster Barjo Vorster Barjo 151013October 2015-----
21 Walton Robbie Walton Robbie 121511--May 2012---
179 Walton Robert Walton Robert 160710--July 2016---
600Wayne Smit Wayne Smit 200210--February 2020---
92 Weingartz Nicholaas Weingartz Nicholaas 130408--April 2013---
191Wellington Dandara Wellington Wellington Dandara Wellington 160810--August 2016---
99 Welman Wicus Welman Wicus 130819--August 2013---
424Wesley Hunkin Wesley Hunkin 141025-October 2014----
180 Wessels Martin Wessels Martin 160711--July 2016---
240Wessels Matthys Wessels Matthys 80416-April 2008----
170 Wessels Nicholaas Wessels Nicholaas 151139--November 2015---
100 Wiehahn Stanley Wiehahn Stanley 131023--October 2013---
407Wildt David Wildt David 140515May 2014-----
133 Wimble Martin Wimble Martin 140631--September 2014---
259Winterbach Theo Winterbach Theo 81020October 2008-----
244Woodburn John Woodburn John 80417-April 2008----
439Wynand Balt Wynand Balt 151001October 2015-----
535Xulu Mbuyiseni Xulu Mbuyiseni 180812-----August 2018
76 YANDIM Ömür YANDIM Ömür Group 2--October 2012---
431Yankanna Kirolan Yankanna Kirolan 150515May 2015-----
74 YILMAZ Volkan YILMAZ Volkan Group 2--October 2012---
235Zambon Aldo Zambon Aldo 80418-April 2008----
554Zane Brown Zane Brown 190501--June 2019---
437Zeeman Louwrens Zeeman Louwrens 150516-May 2015----
125 Zifamba Thomas Zifamba Thomas 140315--March 2014---

3 Day Certificate Course

We are hoping to run a course in October or early November. Should you be interested please send an email  

Chute Course 2021

This course has been postponed to 2022. Please watch the website for new date 

Members' Meeting dates 2021:

April 20
June 15
AGM August 17
October 12  

Design Diploma Course

2021 dates:
3-10 May and 4-11 October