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The Conveyor Manufacturers Association membership, serving the bulk materials handling industry, comprises companies who design, manufacture and commission complete conveyor systems. Membership also includes manufacturers and suppliers of components for use in conveyor systems. The members are required to maintain a high level of technical expertise and service within their organisations, as well as an effective after sales service. Further they must be companies of stature, fully capable of honouring any warranty claim that may arise.

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A course intended to give some insight to engineers with little or no experience of conveyors, as to how conveyors operate and how their various components are designed. At the end of the course the candidate will by no means be an expert conveyor designer, but will almost certainly be able to solve common problems associated with these machines. The course is intended to allow engineers to become aware of certain pitfalls regarding the operation of conveyors and how to avoid them.

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The CMA Conveyor Certificate Course is to totally familiarise candidates with conveyors in all aspects, but is not a design course. It is intended for Artisans, Draughtsmen, Junior Engineers,Sales people, Apprentices and all technical persons finding themselves in a situation where they are employed in a capacity where conveyors are used.

The long awaited Splice Training Course being run by the CMA is ready to run. This course has been developed to encourage supervisors and engineers in the conveyor industry that have no practical splicing experience to have a good understanding of correct splicing methods.

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Static Shaft Conveyor Pulleys with Internal Bearings for Conveyors

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